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{article/topic_title} Dates for your Diary

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Club Reps will have received a notification about entering teams for next season. The deadline for entry is 11 May 2018 prior to a pre-season committee meeting on 16 May 2018. The Annual General Meeting will be held at Fulwood Squash Club at 7:30pm on Wed 13 June 2018. Each club should send a representative to the AGM, others may attend, but not vote. Items for discussion should be sent to Martin Roberts by Wed 6 June 2018. The Fixtures Meeting will be held at Abbeydale Squash Club at 7:30pm on Wed 27 June 2018. Each club should send one representative per team to arrange fixtures for the coming season.
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{article/topic_title} Peter Kramer Cup Finals Results

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The results of the finals of the 2018 Peter Kramer Cup are as follows. Open A Woodfield 1 beat Fulwood 1 ... 14-4 Open B Hallamshire 4 beat Woodfield 2 ... 15-4 Ladies Hallamshire 1 (unplayed) Racketball Hallamshire 2 beat Hallamshire 3 ... 12-1 Vets Woodfield (unplayed) Thank you to Woodfield for hosting the event. Thank you to our two volunteer referees, Paul Smith and Mike Tomlinson. Thank you to Club Rackets for supplying the balls. Finally, thank you to all the competitors that took part.
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{article/topic_title} Schedule for Peter Kramer Cup Finals

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The schedule for Peter Kramer Cup Finals is below. Matches will be played at Woodfield Squash Club on Saturday 21 April 2018. Play starts at 2:00pm. There are three courts allocated. All matches will take place at the same time. The intended order of play is shown below. This, of course, is open to change dependent on the length of matches. Players should be present plenty of time before their match.
There will not be any independent referees this year, as they already have other commitments. So players will be required to mark their own matches. If anybody wishes to volunteer as a referee please contact the site.

Open AFulwood 1 v Woodfield 1
Open BWoodfield 2 v Hallamshire 4
RacketballHallamshire 2 v Hallamshire 3

Vets, Woodfield v Barnsley, and Ladies, Hallamshire 1 v Hallamshire 2, will not be competed due to lack of player availability.

Court 3Court 2Court 1
Open A 4Open B 4Racketball 3
Open A 3Open B 3Racketball 2
Open A 2Open B 2Racketball 1
Open A 1Open B 1

There will be a free buffet for players following the prize giving.

Why no come along to give your support?

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{article/topic_title} Peter Kramer Cup Finals

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The Peter Kramer Cup Finals will be played at Woodfield on Saturday 21 April 2018 starting at 2pm. The semi-finals end date has been extended to 15 April 2018 so matches can be completed. If you are yet to arrange your semi-final match please do it now. More details will follow.
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{article/topic_title} Extraordinary Meeting

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The Committee of the Sheffield and District Squash League met for an extraordinary meeting on 20 March 2018 to discuss a number of complaints we have received regarding use of players outside of the rules. The outcomes of this meeting were: 1) The were several instances of using players in the second part of the season that have not played enough matches for their club in the first part of the season. The points accumulated by using these players will be removed, as will any points gained by players further down the order in that match. Any bonus points accumulated as a result of using these players will be removed. No points will be given to the opposing teams. The players and teams they represent are: Abdul Khan - Doncaster 1 Ben Sockett - Woodfield 1 Ed Walker - Hallamshire 2 Ewan Brennan - Abbeydale 1 Mohammad Khan - Doncaster 1 The overall impact of this ruling is: Abbeydale 1 are deducted 2 points. Doncaster 1 are deducted 46 points. Hallamshire 2 are deducted 11 points. Woodfield 1 are deducted 16 points. It has disappointed the committee that they have had to meet to make this decision, as many of the infringements could have been avoided by contacting the referees and asking for dispensation. 2) Some teams are using players earlier in the season that are of too high standard for the lower leagues. While Rule 25 attempts to cover this, it is vague, so the committee decided that no rules have been broken. The committee will attempt to address this issue in the future. 3) In the off-season, the committee will revise the rules with a view to proposing a set of changes to be accepted at the AGM. The revision will aim to provide simplicity and clarity.
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