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{article/topic_title} Woodfield 2 Withdraw

Posted by webmaster on (15 views)
Woodfield 2 have withdrawn from Division One.
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{article/topic_title} Extraordinary Meeting

Posted by webmaster on (88 views)
The Committee of the Sheffield and District Squash League met for an extraordinary meeting on 20 March 2018 to discuss a number of complaints we have received regarding use of players outside of the rules. The outcomes of this meeting were: 1) The were several instances of using players in the second part of the season that have not played enough matches for their club in the first part of the season. The points accumulated by using these players will be removed, as will any points gained by players further down the order in that match. Any bonus points accumulated as a result of using these players will be removed. No points will be given to the opposing teams. The players and teams they represent are: Abdul Khan - Doncaster 1 Ben Sockett - Woodfield 1 Ed Walker - Hallamshire 2 Ewan Brennan - Abbeydale 1 Mohammad Khan - Doncaster 1 The overall impact of this ruling is: Abbeydale 1 are deducted 2 points. Doncaster 1 are deducted 46 points. Hallamshire 2 are deducted 11 points. Woodfield 1 are deducted 16 points. It has disappointed the committee that they have had to meet to make this decision, as many of the infringements could have been avoided by contacting the referees and asking for dispensation. 2) Some teams are using players earlier in the season that are of too high standard for the lower leagues. While Rule 25 attempts to cover this, it is vague, so the committee decided that no rules have been broken. The committee will attempt to address this issue in the future. 3) In the off-season, the committee will revise the rules with a view to proposing a set of changes to be accepted at the AGM. The revision will aim to provide simplicity and clarity.
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{article/topic_title} Barnsley 1 Withdraw

Posted by webmaster on (58 views)
Barnsley 1 have withdrawn from Division 1.
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{article/topic_title} Killamarsh Withdraw

Posted by webmaster on (70 views)
Regrettably Killamarsh have withdrawn from Division 3.
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{article/topic_title} Result Entry Fixed

Posted by webmaster on (79 views)
Result Entry should now be fixed. You may have to logout, then back in again. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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