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Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club


Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club
716 Ecclesall Road
Hunters Bar
S11 8TA
0114 2662153

Club Representative

Amy Wilson


Hallamshire 1Monday at 7:40pm
Captain: Alex Cutts1. Greg Lobban
2. Alex Cutts
3. Donna Lobban
4. Harry Heathcock
Hallamshire 2Monday at 7:40pm
Captain: Dylan Martens1. Dylan Martens
2. Ed Walker
3. Harry Wyld
4. George Snow
Hallamshire 3Sunday at 6.20pm
Captain: Brandon Petty1. Jack Corneil
2. Russel Payne
3. Nic Davies
4. Emily Westall
Hallamshire 4Sunday at 3:40pm
Captain: Tom Murton1. Charlotte Jagger
2. Alex Glencross
3. Dan Hindmarch
4. Tom Murton
Hallamshire 5Sunday at 6:20pm
Captain: Tom Jackson1. Jonathan Simpson
2. Luke Cottingham
3. Tom Jackson
4. Mark Ross
Hallamshire 6Sunday at 3:40pm
Captain: Adam Bierton1. Jim Muirhead
2. Andy Hogg
3. Guy Smith
4. Dave Palmer
Hallamshire 7Sunday at 3:40pm
Captain: David Rayworth1. Lucas Gastrarena
2. Nick Page
3. Rob Pawson
4. Scott Rawlin
Hallamshire Ladies 1Monday at 7:40pm
Captain: Holly Moore1. Charlotte Jagger
2. Lara Cooper
3. Holly Moore
Hallamshire Ladies 2Monday at 7:40pm
Captain: Kate Martin1. Rebecca Miller
2. Kate Martin
3. Viv Durrant
Hallamshire RB 1Wednesday at 7:40pm
Captain: Jim Muirhead
Hallamshire RB 2Wednesday at 7:40pm
Captain: Pat Allen1. Tim Burton
2. David Coffey
3. Pat Allen
Hallamshire VetsSunday at 6:20pm
Captain: Brandon Petty


    All Players


    DateDivisionHome TeamAway TeamResult
    TBADivision 1Woodfield 1VHallamshire 1
    TBADivision 1Woodfield 1VHallamshire 2
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 1VWoodfield 1
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 1VAbbeydale 2
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 1VFulwood 1
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 1VFulwood 2
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 1VHallamshire 2
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 1VAbbeydale 1
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 1VBrampton 1
    TBADivision 1Abbeydale 2VHallamshire 1
    TBADivision 1Abbeydale 2VHallamshire 2
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 1VHallamshire 1
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 1VHallamshire 2
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 2VHallamshire 1
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 2VHallamshire 2
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 2VWoodfield 1
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 2VHallamshire 1
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 2VAbbeydale 2
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 2VFulwood 1
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 2VFulwood 2
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 2VAbbeydale 1
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 2VBrampton 1
    TBADivision 1Abbeydale 1VHallamshire 1
    TBADivision 1Abbeydale 1VHallamshire 2
    TBADivision 1Brampton 1VHallamshire 1
    TBADivision 1Brampton 1VHallamshire 2
    TBADivision 2Brampton 2VHallamshire 4
    TBADivision 2Brampton 2VHallamshire 3
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 4VBrampton 2
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 4VWoodfield 2
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 4VPhoenix 1
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 4VHallamshire 3
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 4VFulwood 3
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 4VAbbeydale 3
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 4VBarnsley 1
    TBADivision 2Woodfield 2VHallamshire 4
    TBADivision 2Woodfield 2VHallamshire 3
    TBADivision 2Phoenix 1VHallamshire 4
    TBADivision 2Phoenix 1VHallamshire 3
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 3VBrampton 2
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 3VHallamshire 4
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 3VWoodfield 2
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 3VPhoenix 1
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 3VFulwood 3
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 3VAbbeydale 3
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 3VBarnsley 1
    TBADivision 2Fulwood 3VHallamshire 4
    TBADivision 2Fulwood 3VHallamshire 3
    TBADivision 2Abbeydale 3VHallamshire 4
    TBADivision 2Abbeydale 3VHallamshire 3
    TBADivision 2Barnsley 1VHallamshire 4
    TBADivision 2Barnsley 1VHallamshire 3
    TBADivision 3Woodfield 3VHallamshire 6
    TBADivision 3Woodfield 3VHallamshire 5
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 6VWoodfield 3
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 6VQueens Park
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 6VWoodfield 4
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 6VBarnsley 2
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 6VHallamshire 5
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 6VFulwood 4
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 6VDoncaster 1
    TBADivision 3Queens ParkVHallamshire 6
    TBADivision 3Queens ParkVHallamshire 5
    TBADivision 3Woodfield 4VHallamshire 6
    TBADivision 3Woodfield 4VHallamshire 5
    TBADivision 3Barnsley 2VHallamshire 6
    TBADivision 3Barnsley 2VHallamshire 5
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 5VWoodfield 3
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 5VHallamshire 6
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 5VQueens Park
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 5VWoodfield 4
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 5VBarnsley 2
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 5VFulwood 4
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 5VDoncaster 1
    TBADivision 3Fulwood 4VHallamshire 6
    TBADivision 3Fulwood 4VHallamshire 5
    TBADivision 3Doncaster 1VHallamshire 6
    TBADivision 3Doncaster 1VHallamshire 5
    TBADivision 4Woodfield 5VHallamshire 7
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 3VHallamshire 7
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VHallamshire 7
    TBADivision 4Woodfield 6VHallamshire 7
    TBADivision 4StocksbridgeVHallamshire 7
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 2VHallamshire 7
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VWoodfield 5
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VPhoenix 3
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VFulwood 5
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VWoodfield 6
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VStocksbridge
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VPhoenix 2
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VSheffield Medics
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VAbbeydale 4
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VDoncaster 2
    TBADivision 4Sheffield MedicsVHallamshire 7
    TBADivision 4Abbeydale 4VHallamshire 7
    TBADivision 4Doncaster 2VHallamshire 7
    TBALadiesFulwood LadiesVHallamshire Ladies 1
    TBALadiesFulwood LadiesVHallamshire Ladies 2
    TBALadiesHallamshire Ladies 1VFulwood Ladies
    TBALadiesHallamshire Ladies 1VHallamshire Ladies 2
    TBALadiesHallamshire Ladies 1VWoodfield Ladies
    TBALadiesHallamshire Ladies 2VFulwood Ladies
    TBALadiesHallamshire Ladies 2VHallamshire Ladies 1
    TBALadiesHallamshire Ladies 2VWoodfield Ladies
    TBALadiesWoodfield LadiesVHallamshire Ladies 1
    TBALadiesWoodfield LadiesVHallamshire Ladies 2
    TBAVetsHallamshire VetsVBarnsley Vets
    TBAVetsHallamshire VetsVPhoenix Vets
    TBAVetsHallamshire VetsVWoodfield Vets
    TBAVetsBarnsley VetsVHallamshire Vets
    TBAVetsPhoenix VetsVHallamshire Vets
    TBAVetsWoodfield VetsVHallamshire Vets
    TBARacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 1
    TBARacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 2
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 1VFulwood RB
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 1VHallamshire RB 2
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 1VAbbeydale RB
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 1VPhoenix RB
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 2VFulwood RB
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 2VHallamshire RB 1
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 2VAbbeydale RB
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 2VPhoenix RB
    TBARacketballAbbeydale RBVHallamshire RB 1
    TBARacketballAbbeydale RBVHallamshire RB 2
    TBARacketballPhoenix RBVHallamshire RB 1
    TBARacketballPhoenix RBVHallamshire RB 2

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