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Fulwood Sports Club


Fulwood Sports Club
Chorley Road
S10 3RL
0114 2301607

Club Representative

Nigel Bird


Captain: David Payne
Absolvers IIMonday
Captain: Peter Wright
Deceivers IIMonday
Fulwood 1Monday at 7:30pm
Captain: Andrew Mills1. Lucas Hughes
2. Nat Fairhurst
3. Sam Watts
4. Murray Scott
Fulwood 2Monday at 7:30pm
Captain: Rahul Bonsal1. Oscar Beach
2. Rahul Bansal
3. Sam Broughton
4. Owen Bailey
Fulwood 3Tuesday at 7:30pm
Captain: David Payne1. Chris Mills
2. David Payne
3. Nick Burgess
4. Tom Clark
Fulwood 4Wednesday at 7:30pm
Captain: Lee Rose
Fulwood 5Tuesday at 7:30pm
Captain: Alex Herdea1. Lee Rose
2. Dave Snelson
3. Gary Smith
4. Andrew McLeavy
Fulwood LadiesThursday at 7:30pm
Captain: Katie Mills1. Katie Mills
2. Gemma Morris
3. Daisy Dobson
Fulwood RBFriday at 7:30pm
Captain: Chris Mills1. Adam Langham
2. Chris Mills
Fulwood VetsMonday at 7:30pm
Captain: David Snelson1. Tom Clark
2. Dave Snelson
3. Martin Lee
4. Andrew McLeavy
HeathensTuesday at
Captain: Ian Laycock
Heathens IIMonday at
HereticsTuesday at
Captain: Sam Watts
Heretics IIMonday at
UnbelieversTuesday at
Captain: Alex Herdea
Unbelievers IIMonday at


    All Players


    DateDivisionHome TeamAway TeamResult
    Tue 13 Oct 2020Fulwood 6.IHeathensVHeretics*Late card
    Tue 13 Oct 2020Fulwood 6.IUnbelieversVAbsolvers*Late card
    Tue 20 Oct 2020Fulwood 6.IHereticsVUnbelievers*Late card
    Tue 20 Oct 2020Fulwood 6.IAbsolversVDeceivers*Late card
    Tue 27 Oct 2020Fulwood 6.IHeathensVUnbelievers*Late card
    Tue 27 Oct 2020Fulwood 6.IDeceiversVHeretics*Late card
    Tue 3 Nov 2020Fulwood 6.IHereticsVAbsolvers*Late card
    Tue 3 Nov 2020Fulwood 6.IDeceiversVHeathens*Late card
    Tue 10 Nov 2020Fulwood 6.IUnbelieversVDeceivers*Late card
    Tue 10 Nov 2020Fulwood 6.IAbsolversVHeathens*Late card
    Tue 17 Nov 2020Fulwood 6.IHereticsVHeathens*Late card
    Tue 17 Nov 2020Fulwood 6.IAbsolversVUnbelievers*Late card
    Tue 24 Nov 2020Fulwood 6.IUnbelieversVHeretics*Late card
    Tue 24 Nov 2020Fulwood 6.IDeceiversVAbsolvers*Late card
    Tue 1 Dec 2020Fulwood 6.IHereticsVDeceivers*Late card
    Tue 1 Dec 2020Fulwood 6.IUnbelieversVHeathens*Late card
    Tue 8 Dec 2020Fulwood 6.IHeathensVDeceivers*Late card
    Tue 8 Dec 2020Fulwood 6.IAbsolversVHeretics*Late card
    Tue 15 Dec 2020Fulwood 6.IHeathensVAbsolvers*Late card
    Tue 15 Dec 2020Fulwood 6.IDeceiversVUnbelievers*Late card
    TBADivision 1Woodfield 1VFulwood 1
    TBADivision 1Woodfield 1VFulwood 2
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 1VFulwood 1
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 1VFulwood 2
    TBADivision 1Abbeydale 2VFulwood 1
    TBADivision 1Abbeydale 2VFulwood 2
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 1VWoodfield 1
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 1VHallamshire 1
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 1VAbbeydale 2
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 1VFulwood 2
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 1VHallamshire 2
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 1VAbbeydale 1
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 1VBrampton 1
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 2VWoodfield 1
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 2VHallamshire 1
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 2VAbbeydale 2
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 2VFulwood 1
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 2VHallamshire 2
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 2VAbbeydale 1
    TBADivision 1Fulwood 2VBrampton 1
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 2VFulwood 1
    TBADivision 1Hallamshire 2VFulwood 2
    TBADivision 1Abbeydale 1VFulwood 1
    TBADivision 1Abbeydale 1VFulwood 2
    TBADivision 1Brampton 1VFulwood 1
    TBADivision 1Brampton 1VFulwood 2
    TBADivision 2Brampton 2VFulwood 3
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 4VFulwood 3
    TBADivision 2Woodfield 2VFulwood 3
    TBADivision 2Phoenix 1VFulwood 3
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 3VFulwood 3
    TBADivision 2Fulwood 3VBrampton 2
    TBADivision 2Fulwood 3VHallamshire 4
    TBADivision 2Fulwood 3VWoodfield 2
    TBADivision 2Fulwood 3VPhoenix 1
    TBADivision 2Fulwood 3VHallamshire 3
    TBADivision 2Fulwood 3VAbbeydale 3
    TBADivision 2Fulwood 3VBarnsley 1
    TBADivision 2Abbeydale 3VFulwood 3
    TBADivision 2Barnsley 1VFulwood 3
    TBADivision 3Woodfield 3VFulwood 4
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 6VFulwood 4
    TBADivision 3Queens ParkVFulwood 4
    TBADivision 3Woodfield 4VFulwood 4
    TBADivision 3Barnsley 2VFulwood 4
    TBADivision 3Hallamshire 5VFulwood 4
    TBADivision 3Fulwood 4VWoodfield 3
    TBADivision 3Fulwood 4VHallamshire 6
    TBADivision 3Fulwood 4VQueens Park
    TBADivision 3Fulwood 4VWoodfield 4
    TBADivision 3Fulwood 4VBarnsley 2
    TBADivision 3Fulwood 4VHallamshire 5
    TBADivision 3Fulwood 4VDoncaster 1
    TBADivision 3Doncaster 1VFulwood 4
    TBADivision 4Woodfield 5VFulwood 5
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 3VFulwood 5
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VWoodfield 5
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VPhoenix 3
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VWoodfield 6
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VStocksbridge
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VPhoenix 2
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VHallamshire 7
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VSheffield Medics
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VAbbeydale 4
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VDoncaster 2
    TBADivision 4Woodfield 6VFulwood 5
    TBADivision 4StocksbridgeVFulwood 5
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 2VFulwood 5
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VFulwood 5
    TBADivision 4Sheffield MedicsVFulwood 5
    TBADivision 4Abbeydale 4VFulwood 5
    TBADivision 4Doncaster 2VFulwood 5
    TBALadiesFulwood LadiesVHallamshire Ladies 1
    TBALadiesFulwood LadiesVHallamshire Ladies 2
    TBALadiesFulwood LadiesVWoodfield Ladies
    TBALadiesHallamshire Ladies 1VFulwood Ladies
    TBALadiesHallamshire Ladies 2VFulwood Ladies
    TBALadiesWoodfield LadiesVFulwood Ladies
    TBARacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 1
    TBARacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 2
    TBARacketballFulwood RBVAbbeydale RB
    TBARacketballFulwood RBVPhoenix RB
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 1VFulwood RB
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 2VFulwood RB
    TBARacketballAbbeydale RBVFulwood RB
    TBARacketballPhoenix RBVFulwood RB
    TBAFulwood 6.IIHeathens IIVHeretics II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIHeathens IIVUnbelievers II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIHeathens IIVAbsolvers II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIHeathens IIVDeceivers II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIHeretics IIVHeathens II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIHeretics IIVUnbelievers II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIHeretics IIVAbsolvers II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIHeretics IIVDeceivers II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIDeceivers IIVHeathens II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIDeceivers IIVHeretics II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIDeceivers IIVUnbelievers II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIDeceivers IIVAbsolvers II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIUnbelievers IIVHeathens II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIUnbelievers IIVHeretics II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIUnbelievers IIVAbsolvers II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIUnbelievers IIVDeceivers II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIAbsolvers IIVHeathens II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIAbsolvers IIVHeretics II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIAbsolvers IIVUnbelievers II
    TBAFulwood 6.IIAbsolvers IIVDeceivers II

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