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Phoenix Sports and Squash Club


Phoenix Sports and Squash Club
Brinsworth Pavilion
Bawtry Road
S60 5PA
01709 363788

Club Representative

Richard Hobson


Phoenix 1Thursday at 7:30pm
Captain: Paul Harvey1. Mick Stead
2. Ross Bingham
3. Paul Harvey
4. Nathan Gee
Phoenix 2Wednesday at 7:30pm
Captain: Alex Hurdley1. Mark Pinkerton
2. Carl Sherwood
3. Chris Platt
4. Dave Jones
Phoenix 3Thursday at 7:30pm
Captain: Richard Hobson1. Richard Hobson
2. David Hockham
3. Richard Milner
4. Dave Barrett
Phoenix RBThursday at 7:30pm
Captain: Carl Sherwood
Phoenix VetsFriday at 7:30pm
Captain: Kevin Stamp


    All Players


    DateDivisionHome TeamAway TeamResult
    TBADivision 2Brampton 2VPhoenix 1
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 4VPhoenix 1
    TBADivision 2Woodfield 2VPhoenix 1
    TBADivision 2Phoenix 1VBrampton 2
    TBADivision 2Phoenix 1VHallamshire 4
    TBADivision 2Phoenix 1VWoodfield 2
    TBADivision 2Phoenix 1VHallamshire 3
    TBADivision 2Phoenix 1VFulwood 3
    TBADivision 2Phoenix 1VAbbeydale 3
    TBADivision 2Phoenix 1VBarnsley 1
    TBADivision 2Hallamshire 3VPhoenix 1
    TBADivision 2Fulwood 3VPhoenix 1
    TBADivision 2Abbeydale 3VPhoenix 1
    TBADivision 2Barnsley 1VPhoenix 1
    TBADivision 4Woodfield 5VPhoenix 3
    TBADivision 4Woodfield 5VPhoenix 2
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 3VWoodfield 5
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 3VFulwood 5
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 3VWoodfield 6
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 3VStocksbridge
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 3VPhoenix 2
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 3VHallamshire 7
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 3VSheffield Medics
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 3VAbbeydale 4
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 3VDoncaster 2
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VPhoenix 3
    TBADivision 4Fulwood 5VPhoenix 2
    TBADivision 4Woodfield 6VPhoenix 3
    TBADivision 4Woodfield 6VPhoenix 2
    TBADivision 4StocksbridgeVPhoenix 3
    TBADivision 4StocksbridgeVPhoenix 2
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 2VWoodfield 5
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 2VPhoenix 3
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 2VFulwood 5
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 2VWoodfield 6
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 2VStocksbridge
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 2VHallamshire 7
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 2VSheffield Medics
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 2VAbbeydale 4
    TBADivision 4Phoenix 2VDoncaster 2
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VPhoenix 3
    TBADivision 4Hallamshire 7VPhoenix 2
    TBADivision 4Sheffield MedicsVPhoenix 3
    TBADivision 4Sheffield MedicsVPhoenix 2
    TBADivision 4Abbeydale 4VPhoenix 3
    TBADivision 4Abbeydale 4VPhoenix 2
    TBADivision 4Doncaster 2VPhoenix 3
    TBADivision 4Doncaster 2VPhoenix 2
    TBAVetsHallamshire VetsVPhoenix Vets
    TBAVetsBarnsley VetsVPhoenix Vets
    TBAVetsPhoenix VetsVHallamshire Vets
    TBAVetsPhoenix VetsVBarnsley Vets
    TBAVetsPhoenix VetsVWoodfield Vets
    TBAVetsWoodfield VetsVPhoenix Vets
    TBARacketballFulwood RBVPhoenix RB
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 1VPhoenix RB
    TBARacketballHallamshire RB 2VPhoenix RB
    TBARacketballAbbeydale RBVPhoenix RB
    TBARacketballPhoenix RBVFulwood RB
    TBARacketballPhoenix RBVHallamshire RB 1
    TBARacketballPhoenix RBVHallamshire RB 2
    TBARacketballPhoenix RBVAbbeydale RB

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